He Explained Insecurity In The Best Possible Way: My Story

Rana Ashish shares his View on Insecurity and it is so deep and raw!


Insecurity, Hmm!!!

Everyone knows what it means. But it would be good if I take an example and then explain.

One day you find one sparkling stone on the road. Mesmerized by its beauty, you take it and when you reach home, you put that stone on your study table.

You play with it all day. Well, it is just another stone which is bright. It stays on the table for days, months and years. You don’t bother about it wherever it stays.

One day you come to know that the stone you have is nothing but a precious diamond which costs 1 million dollars. Now, what will happen next?

  • Your attitude will change towards that stone aka diamond.
  • The moment you realize it’s valued, at the same moment you also realize you don’t deserve it.
  • And here comes the race. A race of protecting that stone from those eyes which can identify the worth of that stone.
  • You will never put that stone on the table again. Of course, you will put it inside a vault.

Did you guys notice, what happened here?

Before defining “Insecurity”, I want you to know a minor difference.

If you are thinking that realizing your worth (which is zero) against that valuable stone is insecurity, then you are wrong.

The moment you realize, that you can’t protect that stone (Any valuable thing you possess) is Insecurity. And that is where you start putting extra effort to protect it. Your self-consciousness, self-doubt, lacking confidence are vital signs of insecurities.

Now, why is this generally seen to be a bad thing for a person to be?

  • Until it was just another stone, you were happy with it. Now that you have realized its worth and also realized your worth, your sleep is gone.
  • All the time you are thinking about it. Most of your focus is centered towards its protection.
  • You become so possessive that you start losing your own identity.
  • That stone was beautiful when it was on the table, but now its beauty has become a prisoner to you. You created a vault once you realized you should protect it or someone else might steal it from you.

But my story doesn’t end here. What if, you were a multi-billionaire, and you found that stone? Now, in that case, you can easily take care of it. You don’t have to put any extra effort towards its protection, and it will always shine at your table. On the other side, no one can dare to come near your table.

This is insecurity and its consequences. This is what happens in failed relationships.

If you have an insecurity in your mind, then remember your worthiness towards that person is not an insecurity, but the feeling where you realize that someone else can treat them better than you.

Relationships fail because people take their own insecurities

And try and twist them into their Partner’s Flaw.


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