Facebook held responsible for 21-year-old’s suicide


The suicide of a 21-year-old woman from Salem district in Tamil Nadu after her morphed photos being uploaded on Facebook has irked the state’s police department against the social giant Facebook.

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Amit Kumar Singh, Superintendent of police in Salem said that they are bound to hold Facebook responsible for delaying response to their numerous requests which led the young woman to commit suicide.


The deceased’s father lodged a complaint on June 23 regarding his daughter’s morphed nude photo upload on Facebook. The father had asked the police to get the photographs removed from the site and warn the criminal.


The complaint was sent to the website on the same evening of the complaint lodging asking the details of the IP address from where the morphed photographs were uploaded. Requests were also sent to take down those photographs from the website.


The company responded after five days and sent the IP address on June 28 and the police caught hold of the suspect within 12 hours of receiving the IP address. Due to the late response, the young lady ended her life on June 27.


The police department said that they had tried all possible aspects of the case but were clueless of proceeding in which way. They had to rely on Facebook to remove the pictures being online.


The department is thinking to charge Facebook with abetment to suicide and including Facebook in the charge sheet if the site is found guilty after investigations. The state police are in the state of a dilemma on deciding how to proceed in such a case where there is no point in charging a website in a crime.


 To earlier remarks of police not taking any action against the case, the department pointed out that blocking a page is only handled by Facebook under its Facebook Community Standards. No special powers are provided by Facebook to the police to finding fake profiles and removing obscene content.


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