Facebook launches Lifestage, app to attract teens

If you think after Instagram Stories and Live Filters, Facebook is done with its effort to gain a younger audience, you are absolutely wrong. Instead of adding some more features to attract the teenagers, Facebook comes with a standalone, video-centric social app for the high school students. Named Lifestage, this app is the brainchild of Michael Sayman, the company’s 19-year-old product manager, who actually knows his audience.
Lifestage is specifically made for high-schoolers. Although anyone can download the app and set up a profile, a user over 21 will only be able to see their own profile and no one else’s. The main purpose of the new app is to help young people connect with their classmates. This principle is much the same with how Facebook was restricted to college students when it first launched in 2004.
Though Facebook is still the most widely used social networking site, with nearly 1.6 billion users and 72 percent of American adults possessing an account, its popularity among the teen crowd has waned in recent years. Today, only 17 percent of teens say it’s the most important app.
        A Facebook spokesman said: “We’re testing Lifestage, a new standalone app from Facebook. Built for teens who want to connect with others at their school, Lifestage allows them to create a video profile with content for all of the things that make up their identity – things like what they like and don’t like, their best friend, and more.”
      Sayman also said that he hopes Lifestage can grow by attaching itself to local high schools, not unlike Facebook’s college-by-college approach back in 2004. The app allows users to select his or her school but there is a catch here too. If only more than 20 people from the same school sign up, then only users will be able to communicate.


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