Facebook Live New Feature for Improved Socialization


Facebook Live is now available to the general public in almost 60 countries, initially this feature was available to celebrities only to interact with their fans through live video feed where fans were actually able to react to their favourite celebrities through comments. This way people can share their moments instantly with the friends, family, followers or fans, in their very presence and can also see their reactions through comments regarding the featured live video feed.

The feature was available to celebrities through Mention app and recently available to general users in the US, Australia and other countries through the Facebook App on both iOS and Android platforms. The good news is that people are loving this feature as the response is tremendous. People are sharing their hobbies to let their friends know them better. Parents are capturing moments of their new-borns and sharing the beautiful moment with the relatives and family. Professional athletes from various sports now opened a window for the people to see their rigorous training, which can motivate a lot of viewers to the aspect of physical fitness which is so important in this day and age where fast foods are the most consumed type of food. Chefs are sharing their recipes with the fans. Aspiring musicians are doing live concerts on Facebook through Facebook live for their friends. Journalists from all around the globe are having conversations on topic that holds mutual interests and they care about.

The new features announced for Facebook Live were more ways to discover, share, and interact with live video and more ways to customize your live broadcasts.

Now, with the new feature, people can go live for a specific audience of a Facebook Group/Event. The live feed is limited to the members of a certain group. It can be a family group, a sports group or any other based on user preference. On the other hand, events means that a person can go live from a birthday party, a marriage ceremony or any other social event and share it with those who were not able to attend the event in person.

Additionally, the live video feature is now more interactive and fun as people can react to the video, just like they do on Facebook posts of friends and there are filters available to make the live feed look more intuitive and personalised. Speaking of reactions, they are the same as Facebook previously launched in the News Feed, viewers can select Love, Haha, Wow, Sad or Angry, and the reactions animate right on top of the video. Live reactions will appear on the video so that everyone can see them for a short duration.

Also, you can send invites to your friends to watch the videos. For that you have just to click on the invite button. It’s also now possible to find out the ongoing live video feeds based on locations. Users can visually explore public live broadcasts from around the world, for that Facebook Live Map is launched on the desktop.

All in all, this new feature is the future of socializing in a more practical manner. This will change the way how Facebook is used at present.


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