Facebook and twitter remove posts celebrating France Attacks


After the truck attack in Nice, France, Twitter has been handing this seriously as it has removed posts from Islamic intense followers after the violent posts being posted on social media platforms and twitter being among the rarest kind to be under such a sequence.

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A lot of violent posts during the last few months have raised questions about these social platforms’ management of audience reaction. The military groups from Turkey were the first among such protesters to be restricted access to such sites. They would have sent their message very easily as many citizens are online and broadcast live video on Facebook and send tweets.


The US and French officials on Friday were in contemplation suggesting thoughts about the Tunisian man who drove a truck in Bastille Day crowds on Thursday which killed about 84 people, it suspected that the company has a certain link with Islamic militants.


After the attack, it was seen that 50 of the total twitter accounts praised the attacks with hashtag Nice written in Arabic. Counter Extremism Project is a private group that monitors and removes further violent content posted online. After the attack, many new accounts came up images were shared depicting the change.

Police officers secure the scene of an attack after a truck drove on to the sidewalk and plowed through a crowd of revelers who'd gathered to watch the fireworks in the French resort city of Nice, southern France, Friday, July 15, 2016. A spokesman for France's Interior Ministry says there are likely to be "several dozen dead" after a truck drove into a crowd of revelers celebrating Bastille Day in the French city of Nice. (AP Photo/Christian Alminana)

This pattern was earlier followed by Twitter which was previously seen after attacks last year and in this New Year  Paris and Brussels. Twitter was earlier designed implementing the right of free speech which has been changed by the rules which made the took action work more quickly than this week.


Twitter for the first time worked with such swiftness in removing tweets which promoted attacks within the minimum time limit. Twitter doesn’t provide any information about the account being deleted rather than, it doesn’t follow terrorism and bans them on its site. The major challenge is distinguishing graphic photos shared to celebrate attacks and the events being documented by their witnesses.


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