This Muslim Man, Faiz Married ‘the love of his life’ four times!


Faiz and Ankita fell in love with each other in IIM Indore, it’s like the love struck in the first sight. “It sees no caste, religion, color or reason, just the person in front of you in the purest form”, is what they define ‘LOVE’. It’s shame though that often prejudice rears its ugly to destroy peace and harmony.

Right from the onset of the journey, both Faiz and Ankita knew that their journey wouldn’t go an easy one. Faiz belongs to a Muslim family, while Ankita belongs to Hindus who was hailed from Hisar.

Though they were both sure about each other but were unsure about their families. Initially, they both thought for giving up their relationship figuring out that their families require peace, but those 3 to 4 days were enough to clear that they can’t leave without each other. Nevertheless, the couple deserves to be happy.

Inter-religion marriage was still a social taboo due to misplaced beliefs, but the duo wouldn’t be stoppable. They set about convincing their families. Living the concerns at the rest, but that wasn’t an easy task. Different religions, cultures, traditional, lifestyle and social mores had to doubt the match.

They were worried that Faiz would be allowed to have four marriages. It was very difficult for Ankita to adapt and accept the lifestyle choices such as non-vegetarian foods, which sucks her!

After two and half years, they both decided to marry, no matter whatever happens. In a last attempt to convince Ankita’s parents, Faiz arrived unannounced at the door. As Ankita narrates.

To set the concerns, he decided to marry four times to the woman he loves. On 17th February, both the couple exchanged varmalas in a small Ram Mandir at the ashirvad of Mahalaxmi temple.

They then went for a court marriage under the Special Marriage Act, where Muslims aren’t allowed to marry for four times.

Both wanted their wedding to be the best memories of their lives. So, they gathered their close friends and fly off to Goa for a beautiful wedding amidst the scenic beaches. They married once again in Nikah, surrounded by their friends and family.

Her is what Ankita’s says about her wedding;

It’s been 2 years since we got married and embarked on their path as one whole. My family has grown to love and accept him as a family. The two still practice different religions, I have not changed my name nor has I given up on my beliefs. In harmony, we celebrate Eid with pomp in Faiz’s household and enjoy Diwali in mine. We were clear that neither would have to live a life of compromise.

Finally, Faiz and Ankita found their happiness.


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