Fardeen hits back at trollers and body shamers


In recent weeks,  twitters were filled with trolls and tweets body shaming the “No entry” actor , Fardeen Khan following a picture of his, that showed the actor to have gained few pounds.Fardeen Khan

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The actor has now hit back at them through an open letter that he posted on his facebook page. The actor who has had a drastic weight gain seemed calm in his response but had a strong point to make.

In his letter, that had a message, both for his trollers and supporters as well, read, ” Not ashamed neither shamed. Not offended. Not depressed. Not blind either. Am I happy? Emphatically! In fact, living the happiest chapter thus far with lbs to show for it.”fardeen-khanfb-post-2752016_1464331392_725x725

The 42-year-old  Fardeen Khan also passed sarcastic remarks at the body shamers and trollers who ridiculed him for the weight gain. He questioned their jobless lives where they do not have time to see their own faults, but find plenty of time to comment and troll on others life.

Happy to have Been  the weekends entertainment for all  You trollers. If you ave had enough fun please take the time to look at your own reflection. If trolling is what makes you feel better about yourself you have to seriously think about your future prospects my best wishes!”

The son of the veteran actor Feroz Khan who was last seen in 2010 release Dulha Mil Gaya concluded his letter by thanking his supporters who raised their voice against the body shamers.

He wrote, ““I can’t thank you enough but it was unnecessary as I am sure you are equally shocked and disappointed. I just want you all to know that after a very long time I am in a great space in my life. All I ask is for you to be happy for me and expect not to be disappointed for long,”


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