She is the only Female Rickshaw Puller in Bangladesh!


What would be your reaction when you see a woman Rickshaw puller on the Indian streets? Astonished, right? Even disapproving too!

Irrespective of how you feel, this Bangladesh female resident is the only rickshaw puller in her town. This woman is breaking all stereotypes of what woman can or can’t do. She will be happened to find in the streets of Chittagong, Mosammat Jasmine, fondly known as ‘Crazy Auntie’.0f3c2e3c-79a1-4752-bc0b-28c2759cc016

The concept of a woman doing a job has never been heard in a country like Bangladesh-a Muslim-majority country, which is one of the most Asia’s conservative societies.  You’ll be surprised to know that she is doing the job for the last five years till now.

The mother told The Hindu

I do it for my livelihood. I do it to make sure that my sons don’t get hungry and they get a decent education at a good school. Allah gave me a pair of hands and legs to work. Instead, I wish to work with his given gifts and prefer not to beg.898fc25e-b80b-4472-a5dc-5cd54dc4be7d

When her 45-year-old husband ran away with another woman, she was left with her children, so for their livelihood, she tried a couple of jobs but, none of them suited her.

A maid’s job would be OK if you’re confined within yourselves, but not if you have children with you. Then, she tried for a factory work but didn’t satisfy her. A factory work is really back-breaking with a low pay salary and really poor.

While she was struggling to survive and also paying for her kid’s education, she decided to borrow a neighbor’s rickshaw who was happy to help her. As expected, she did face criticism and found too difficult find customers.


She recalled.

She earns around 600 taka (Rs 500) a day for an eight-hour shift on the rickshaw. On an average, she pays rent to the rickshaw owner.bangladesh-s-lone-female-rickshaw-puller-mosammat-jasmine-says

In her five years of journey, she earned a lot of respect from her community.




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