How a Flipkart Delivery Boy Went On To Become A Multi-Millionaire? Read it.


With no doubt, we know that Hard work and luck go hand in hand. The more the hard work, the luckier one gets. Here comes a success story of Ambur Iyyappa, the delivery boy of Flipkart which sets a perfect example of how preserving and determination can defeat all the odds that life throws at you.

Everything in our life happens for a reason. In 2009, when Lyappa lost his job; he wouldn’t have realized that it would prove to be the first step towards becoming a multi-millionaire!

In the year 2009, Ambur used to work at First Flight Couriers, Bengaluru, where he managed the logistics of all the incoming emails. He took a 3-month break during his job for pursuing a short course and improves his qualifications. Unfortunately, when he returned after his completion of the course; he found with sheer surprise that the company no longer needed him.

Interestingly, Flipkart was First Flight’s courier partner. In Flipkart, Iyyappa learned from being a delivery boy. And then was the turning point in Iyappa’s life!

The delivery boy even fondly recalls his first meeting with Flipkart founders, Sachin and Binny Bansal. Not only this, there is even a story in Flipkart blog where Sachin talks about how Iyyappa was onboard.

He mentioned,”We don’t want anything great. All we wanted was a person who can speak some English and can use a computer.”

Iyyappa joined the ambitious duo at a merge salary of Rs 8000. Iyyappa was the first employee of the company. Along with his salary, he was also provided shares in the company. As Flipkart grew, soon his fortunes multiplied. The man worked and achieved the position of Associate Director and manages the customer experience. Now, his worth salary is Rs 6 lakh.

Moreover, he is known as “Human ERP means Human Enterprise Resource Planning.”


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