Usually, a cup of tea, biscuits, oily stuff-this what almost everyone prefers to have breakfast. By default,only some of us are aware of it.


  • OATS:oats
    • RICH-IN: Oats are rich in fiber.Experts recommend to consume 21 to 30 grams of fibers per day. It also a protective lining around your stomach that prevents the hydrochloric acid from causing damage to the stomach
    • BENEFITS: Reduces the level of cholesterol & risks of type2 diabetics.
  • EGGS:eggs
    • RICH-IN: Eggs are rich in vitamins like A,D,E,& K,minerals.Egg whites consist of high amount of proteins and lower fats than yolks. A calorie-free diet for everyday morning breakfast.“An egg yolk per day keeps the doctor away”.
    • BENEFITS: promotes heart health such as betaine & choline. During pregnancy & breastfeeding, intake of choline helps for brain development.


  • WATERMELON:watermelon
    • RICH-IN: Wish to quench your thirst in the scorching summer???Well, watermelon is the right answer for it.Rich in a carotenoid pigment called lycopene and high water content.
    • BENEFITS: As contains high water content, helps you to keep hydrated. Though low in calories, a perfect option to go for it!!
  • HONEY:honey
    • RICH-IN: Consists of the high amount of amino acids and antioxidants.
    • BENEFITS: A teaspoon of honey & few drops of lime mixed into a glass full of lukewarm water helps to boost your energy & make active the day long.
  • NUTS:walnuts
    • RICH-IN: It is rich in amino acid l-arginine that reduces the risks factors of heart diseases.
    • BENEFITS: Consuming 4 walnuts a day increases the blood level & supports a healthful cholesterol level. It also fights against cancers like prostate cancer & breast cancer.


  • YOGURT:yogurt
    • RICH-IN: Yogurt belongs to the family of milk fermented preservatives which are rich in fat.
    • LOSS: Consuming it in breakfast gives a less benefit as the hydrochloric acid formed in stomach kills lactic acid bacteria.
  • PUFF PASTRIES:puff-pastries
    • RICH-IN: Puff pastries?? Almost everyone is crazy But for morning diet, Say No to oily foods. Goodbye, fast foods!! High calorie and fat content.
    • LOSS: Thick crust of madia acts as a weight gainer. As it contains yeast that irritates the lining of the stomach.
  • SPICES:spices
    • RICH-IN: “Oh,spicy”, mouth watering, burning out but harmful for health.
    • LOSS: It leads to gastric problems, stomach ache, and disorders in the digestive system.
  • SWEETS:candy
    • RICH-IN: Sweets are rich in high sugar content.
    • LOSS: Intake of sweets leads to “woken-up” to diabetics in turns increases the insulin levels.
  • TOMATOES:tomatoes
    • RICH-IN: It is rich in Vitamin A & C and high levels of tannic acid.
    • LOSS: Leads to acidity problems and gastric ulcers.




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