I Found his wallet and told him I am sending all the belongings but I am keeping the money”


“The name is kept private for obvious reasons”


Once I found a wallet having 9000 ₹ in it, and ATM card, driving license,aadhar card, his own visiting card.

Had enough guts to contact him and return his wallet.I need money badly that time so first I searched himFacebook book to see his lifestyle, I saw his pictures of the foreign tour and honda city car. Now I make strong in mind this money not make a big difference to him.but other things I should return. I called him from PCO and told him sir I found your wallet but I am unemployed and need money so I am taking your money and rest things I am sending you on your address. He replied brother it’s ok take the money and make good use of it, don’t waste it on unnecessary things.

Next day I packed wallet in a small box with thank you note and book it to his address address with a fake name.


P.S. 6 months later when I was financially sound, I returned the money to the same address 🙂


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