Frieda Pinto ‘Took Offence’ at Salman Khan’s Rape comment


Salman Khan’s rape comment has become a buzz in the Bollywood town. And IIFA 2016 hasn’t been spared as well. The media and celebrities have been heard giving their opinions on Salman’s ‘insensitive’ comment, but it was Freida Pinto whose statement made some sense.


When she was asked about the issue, she replied saying that she “took offence” at Mr Khan’s comment. Ms Pinto, 31, is currently in Madrid for the IIFA gala. She also said that one should be responsible for their comments. She also said that the context in which one speaks should also be noticed.


At a press conference, while speaking about Sultan’s wrestling scenes, Salman Khan said that walking out after every shoot of his wrestling scene; he used to feel like a raped woman as he couldn’t walk straight. Immediately as he said this, he retracted saying that, “I don’t think I should have…”


Ms Pinto slammed the media for not reporting on the fact that Mr Khan had immediately retracted his statement. She said, “The job of the media to make sure that if someone says something wrong and if they say they are wrong and regret it, the media should highlight that as well.”


The actress also added saying that one commit ‘mistakes at times’ and comments can be ‘misinterpreted’ too. However, she also admitted that she would have never said something like what Mr Khan did. Ms Pinto concluded saying that although Mr Khan’s comment is ‘shocking’; one should concentrate on other issues in society.


Freida Pinto has starred in films like Slumdog Millionaire, You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger, Miral, Rise of the Planet of Apes and Desert Dancer. Mr Khan’s rape comment has also been criticized by actress Kangana Ranaut, director Anurag Kashyap and singer Sona Mohapatra.pinto-salman


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