Admit it- we do know that Aishwarya Rai wore an Ali Younescouture gown at the ongoing Cannes film festival, and that reportedly pregnant Blake Lively attended the premier of “The BFG” (“Le Bon GrosGeant-Le BGG”)in an Atelier Versace ensemble, but do we know that the first Cannes took place on 20 September 1946 or that the correct pronunciation of the city is “can”? Seriously now, there is much more to this 12 day film festival than couture gowns and gossips. Read on to know some facts about the Cannes-cannes

  1. Cannes-First Cultural event Post war

Cannes was supposed to begin in September 1939 but was however, held up due World War 2. Later, when need to encourage tourism in French Riveria arose, the festival was revived and the first Cannes was held on 20 September, 1946 becoming one of the first major cultural event of the period post war. Now that’s something!

  1. Held annually at it’s a Palace of its own

Cannes is hosted at the specifically built Palais Des Festivals on the boulevard of Promennade de la Croisette (I bet you pronounced it wrong, never mind!), in the south of France. Today this palace has 18 huge auditoriums and exhibition halls.

  1. The Palme d’Or

The Palme d’Or (golden palm) was introduced in         1955. It is the most prestigious award given to the Best Film of that year. Which film was the first ever winner of this 24 carat gold beauty? It was, Delbert Mann’s romantic comedy – Marty.

  1. Massive media exposurecannes 1

The festival is attended by many movie stars and film distributors from all over the globe. Such is the buzz of this festival that it is estimated that during the festival the population of Cannes reaches around 200,000-nearly three times of its normal size! The festival is coordinated by a massive staff of over 1000, and the budget? A whopping €20 million!

  1. The five sections

The festival is sectioned as-

  • In Competition- the films vying for the Palme d’Or.
  • Out Of Competition- films which are present for promotional and publicity reasons and not competing in any category.
  • Un Certain Regard- unique art films.
  • Cinefondation- films and works by various film students.
  • The Market- for distributors and producers to buy and sell films.


So now that you know these facts you can start hoping for some good new films to be screened and handsome actors to walk up those 24 steps to the Palace over the 2km long red carpet. Oh, and by the way it is changed three times a day!

Palais Des Festivals on the boulevard of Promenade de la Croisette one of the first major cultural events of the post-war years. 

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