Gardeners Shared Their Backyard Ideas for 2017.


Summer is on the way!

It’s time to start doing summer things, like cutting the grass, washing our cars; including some DIY projects!

Gardeners have shared a few interesting set-ups for the outdoor patios and gardens. With luck, maybe you could find any of these ideas interesting to complete in the upcoming weeks.

Scroll down for some of the awesome and extraordinary gardening techniques.

#1.Board up some pallets to create a unique patio bench. However, the cat is optional!

#2.Plan to re-use the old tires or ditching them out for this summer? Create the tire planters with the throwaway.

#3.It’s every man dream to have like this at least once in a lifetime. Outdoor tables with Ice-coolers in the middle.

#4.Use nose clamps to secure potted plants to a wooden plate. It adds a nice look to your backyard patio.

#5.Mason air candles are an easy project that will brighten your backyard situation in few hours.

#6.Spray paints a few colanders and uses them for potting some plants.

#7.Eat for a minute and enjoy the next minute. This convertible picnic table is tough to build but is worth for any backyard patio.

#8.Just a tree stump, but it’s nice as it adds a nice flavor to the feel the patio.

#9.Save your old tire, wrap it up with some rope around them, prop them up with some wooden legs. There’s another sharp-looking plant pot.

#10. A cooler box present in the middle of the garden. Build this type of cooler box for one evening for extra capacity.

#11.As there are never enough plants for the patio, opt for a shoe holder to hang more plants.

#12.With the rainbow paver hopscotch to show the love for the kids.

#13.All you need is cinder, some woods, plants. But, probably would have enough of them.

#14.Go bold with backyard fence colors.

#15.For a quick bench, just stick some wood planks through a couple cinder blocks.

Happy Gardening! For all the gardeners, try these DIY projects!





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