‘I get pension, don’t need anyone else’s money’: Face of cash woes refuses help


Nand Lal, a 78-year old retired army man who was under a cash crunch, after photographed was crying in a bank queue.

A veteran of the India-Pakistan war in 1971, wanted bank authorities to let him withdraw his legitimate pension without further difficulties.

He said that -I get my pension, I don’t want it from anyone. Let me withdraw my money.

The photograph of Lal, who was spotted outside a Gurgaon Bank was published on Wednesday. This picture is going viral on social media as the ex-soldier stood in the line for three days without success.

Meanwhile, after hearing the case, most of his relatives started visiting his house in Bhim Nagar, Gurgaon in order to lend money.

Among which Ajit Singh Rana, the Retd. Col who was the first visitor, the president of Delhi and Haryana chapter of Tri-Services Ex-Servicemen Welfare Association (TSEWA). He is the one who is helping the body for ex-servicemen, widows, and their children.

Rana claimed that he is glad to find that army man bank and has given him money. He also confirmed that Nand Lal was a naik army man during the 1971 India-Pakistan war and retired in 1991.

Among millions of people, Lal was one of them who stood in the serpentine queues to withdraw money after the government’s demonetization. Sadly, many people have to return cashless with anger & distress.

Fakir Chand, Lal’s nephew came to Gurgaon to see his uncle whether he is good going or not. He claimed that his uncle is not having short of money. He gets a pension and is in good health.

Nand Lal kept on asking the reason behind, unable to withdraw money.

Manager of SBI, Raghuveer Singh Meena said that We have already given him Rs 5,000 & Rs 10,000 and promised to help the army man in whatever way it’s possible.

Nand Lal lives in a rented room alone after his own house has been blocked. His adopted daughter, Manju is in Faridabad after she married since 15 years ago.





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