Get Ready For Windows 10 Creators Update This 2017


The Tech giant, Microsoft, on Wednesday the next major version of Windows 10 entitled as ‘Windows 10 Creators Update’ which would primarily focus on reality productivity, 4K gaming and 3D visuals. The update will be arriving in early 2017 and would be free for all the Windows 10 users.

The update will bring a new Paint 3D app, HoloLens integration, and pin contacts to the taskbar option. While all the big features were highlighted, there are many other additions coming with this update that were sidelined at the event.

Lets go through some of the major changes that the update will bring in 2017.

  1. Microsoft Word Pen Support

The revamped Microsoft Word will have a pen support feature. The pen when used to strike out a sentence, will erase the striked line from the document.

2. 3D not Limited to paint

screen shot 2016 10 26 at 11.22.01 am

3D won’t get confined to Paint 3D, as Microsoft revealed it will be adding this dynamic content into other apps. In the event it was demonstrated how 3D images can turn Powerpoint presentations from dull decks to more-alive experiences.By zooming and panning throughout the 3D object, you can highlight different aspects and make your points more emphatically.

3. Microsoft Edge Improvements

Microsoft Edge will now allow you to “snooze” tabs. Snooze a tab and it will close temporarily. Later, Cortana will pop up with a reminder telling you to check out that website again. It’s a way to remember websites for later without keeping the tabs open forever. Edge will also allow you to export your favorites to an HTML file.

4. Game broadcasting

screen shot 2016 10 26 at 11.23.58 am

Microsoft is also making game broadcasting easier with Windows 10. With Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft is allowing Xbox gamers to broadcast their gameplay directly from their Xbox live account.

5. Blue Light

Image result for windows 10 blue light update

Windows 10 creators Update is getting a “Blue Light” feature, which works similarly to the venerable f.lux utility. Many operating systems have been adding this feature lately, including iOS with Night Shift and Android with Night Mode.


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