“I gifted her a Bisleri Mineral Water Bottle, Packed in a Gift Wrap”- My Story: How I Saved a Relationship.

We often come across stories about strange gifts given by people but trust me this one is really insane. This is the experience of  Kandarp from Pune, and how he managed to help his buddy. Read Till the End!

During college days one of my friends had a girlfriend. She was rich and my this friend was also rich but was in a good company of friends so he didn’t save anything.

It was her birthday and we all were given a task to find out an economic but touching gift for her. He wanted to give her something that describes her and cannot be judged by its price tag.

So, I came up with an idea. We wrapped a Bisleri bottle in a gift wrap and taught him a beautiful speech.

He went to date with that girl and gave her this gift and he said: “I wanted to buy something that describes you, that is pure and has a clean nature like you, so I brought you this gift, I know it’s not costly but it is you”. After this speech she opened the wrap and found this  Bisleri bottle, she was speechless for a while (as described by him) and then hugged him so tightly, like never before.

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That was, I think one of the strangest gifts someone has ever received.

Mission accomplished!




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