The Girl Who Celebrated Her Birthday At an Old Age Home


In Today’s world, there are fewer people who celebrate their birthday by visiting charitable institution’s but there are also people like Mrs. Sunita Sharma who celebrated her daughter’s Birthday in Old Age Home Panchkula and took blessings from them. The celebration which occurred there for 2 hours (cake cutting and performance given by entertainer) left impression of joy and happiness in their life’s. Kehkansha Sharma, the birthday girl, also interacted with old age home people and got to know about their life and problems they suffer. This whole experience of visiting old age home left an impression on her and she took a pledge that she will do something for these people which will help her to be close to them. So this is the message to all mankind that we should do something for our society and share happiness with those people whom sometime we neglect.


Such a Noble Cause! Let’s spread the word!


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