Girl shares a Chat Conversation With Uber Driver, still Women safety is A Big Question!


There are many stories of harassment and molestation by the cab drivers in India. Whether the cabbie holding passenger’s hand or the time when a foreigner got heckled by a driver. These incidents make us believe that in a country with second largest population, women are STILL NOT SAFE!

Most importantly, we should understand no matter what the situation is; we shouldn’t keep mum about sexual harassment. It’s always necessary that we should speak about it. Because there are few people who are listening.aa

Ambika Sharma exactly did the same thing. She updated a Facebook post against an over-friendly driver she encountered while traveling to Pune. She took the ride on May 7 and the cab driver dug out her number and started texting her in WhatsApp.

Ambika also attached chat conversations with the cab driver. I won’t say anything, let the messages start talking.

Here’s the another one.

Distributed and crept by the cab driver messages, Ambika immediately tweeted to Uber India about the incident to which they replied quickly.

Ambika also updated that the Uber India took immediate action and the cab driver was suspended. However, they called and apologized for the incident in person.

The man got what he rightly deserved. A women politeness is NOT something that should be TAKEN FOR GRANTED. When the world will understand such a simple thing!


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