Gmail Android App Hidden Features



E-mails would be an important part of your life if you are a professional person. Gmail is among the most used email service providers. It is fast, simple and convenient. The app comes pre installed on almost every device. Many of us would not be aware about the hidden features of this app. Here are the hidden features of the app that you should definitely be using.

  1. View Your Unread Messages


Most of the times our Inbox is flooded with mails and there is a high probability that we might miss on an important one. But with Gmail app we can easily filter the unread emails. All you have to do is, Tap on the search icon and type is:Unread.  Now you will see only those mails that have not yet been opened. Other tags are is:Important or is:starred.


2.       Smarter Searching


Gmail enables us to do very specific searches. It has a full list of the codes on their website. Here are the basic codes/

  • from:[name]to:[name]cc:[name]— Search for a sender or recipient.
  • after:[yyyy/mm/dd]before:[yyyy/mm/dd]— Search for mail sent or received before or after a certain date.
  • has:attachmentfilename:[filetype]— Search for any attachment, or those of a specific file type.
  1. Format Your Email


We often use our phone for email. But the presentation of the message should not suffer no matter which device we use. To enable this gmail has enabled formatting of email in the android app. Just highlight the text and a format option will appear. It will provide  you with options such as BOLD, ITALIC, UNDERLINE, TEXT COLOR, TEXT BACKGOUND COLOR etc options


  1. Add Non Gmail Accounts


Not all of us have only gmail account. To make email easy for us, the android Gmail app lets us use non gmail accounts with the same app. It can handle multiple accounts at the same time. Now that is something super convenient, isn’t it?






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