Golgappa Vendor Jailed For Mixing Toilet Cleaner in Water. Beware Panipuri lovers!


Panipuri is one such comfort food that almost all of us go crazy.  We are so much crazy that we don’t think twice when it comes to eating our favorite golgappas.

But, after the incident in Ahmedabad would surely make you think twice before having a plate of yummy panipuris.

A Panipuri Vendor in Ahmedabad, named Chetan Nanji Marvadi has been sentenced to a 6-month imprisonment because of mixing toilet cleaners in panipuri water. Yuck! I mean, how could you do this?

This case goes back to 2009 when Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) was receiving similar complaints against the vendor because of the unusual taste in panipuri water.

The results were shocking when tested those samples of water in the lab. It was revealed that the panipuri contains oxalic acid, which is mainly used for toilet cleaners. Considering the results, the vendor was being complained by the AMC.

It has been a long time when the residents found something uneasy in the water, and seven years later, finally the verdict is here. Chetan Nanji was sentenced to jail.

However, all the vendors claimed the court to leave as there is no proof of his guilt.

Why have you done this?





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