Google Should Consider These Desi Names


Hopes of Android N to be named as Neyyappam were shattered, as Google recently announced Nougat as the official name of Android’s next release. India, which is the largest hub for android market, is still waiting for the company to name an Android version after an Indian sweet dish.

Google had announced an online poll inviting users to submit names for Android N at this year’s I/O developer conference following which the online campaign was started in Kerala to have the OS named as Neyyappam. The campaign was successful and an Indian dessert’s name made it to the list of possible names for Android N.

Here are six Indian desserts that Google can consider while naming future Android versions from O to Z.

Obbattugoogle android-n-indiansweets-820

Obbattu is another south-Indian popular dessert after Neyyappam. Obbattu might be lucky if Google goes for another online poll for naming Android O which might be the next version of Android.


Phirni comes next to Obbattu if Google plans for Android P. Another possible name starting with this letter can be Peda. With India soon becoming the biggest Smartphone market, having Android P named as Peda or Phirni would be a delight.

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Rabri brings a smile on every Indian’s face which the western dish Nougat might not be able to. Nothing will make Android sweeter than Google naming it as Rabri.


If not Rabri, Google can please the country with top Android markets by naming Android S as Shrikhand. If not this, the royal sweet dish from Lucknow Shahi Tukda will go well.

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Unni appam

A rice and jaggery based simple sweet snack from Kerala, Unni appam might just appease the fans who voted for Neyyappam. This is one name which Google can consider if goes for a version named Android U.

Vatalla appamandroid

Vatalla appam, a South Indian Egg Pudding, may sound weird for an Android version’s name, but would make a unique name.


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