These 3 Grandmothers are traveling across the country; see pics!


We believed that our generation is made for traveling the world and collecting experiences. But, breaking this stereotypes three grandmothers- Nanis are on the Highway”Neer Gandhi (60), Monicka Chanana (51)  Sarita Manocha (62) and Pratibha Sabharwal (61)-the homemakers from Delhi. These ladies started their journey in the year 2016.

The ladies are having a Facebook page of ‘Age No Bar’ and a Blog shared ‘Women on the Highway’.

Their Facebook page is brimming with the videos, photos and status updates faced as old-edged woman travelers. Visualizing their courage, many people got inspired and were taken aback; as they couldn’t make sense of how these late 60’s women had the courage of having such a wish and also making its dream come true.

What made for the traveling?

In March 2016, these three ladies took up the challenge and drove for a road trip from Delhi to Rameshwaram. However, the ladies have planned their road trip extremely well and it took 29 days with 23 stopovers to cover those 4,400 kilometers. Despite having a lot of obstacles on the way, they decided not to stop rather face it.

Even tough they faced a lot of difficulties like in the form of flat tires and ruined break pads, these women were all prepared and well understood the roads before they hit them. They even learned how to fix the car whenever it goes down. Not only about the vehicle, they also gained a much knowledge about the technology too. These grand mothers learned how to use new gadgets such as dongles, selfie sticks, cameras, hard disks, and tripods before heading towards the trip.

Not just these, they also figured out the route along with their going to stop-over the lists and even listed down the places for the best food. Keep it up, aunty!

On March 6, this year; these women left for another trip to Gujarat and Rajasthan. Neeru, Monica and Pratibha Sabharwal, shall replace Sarita who has decided not to join this year.

Wow! That sounds much crazy than ever. Gender ‘What n Why’?

What, if We’re Grandmothers?


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