Guess, Out of What These Beautiful Animal Sculptures are Made? It’s CDs!


Have you remembered CDs? That small round shiny one which you insert into the computer either to install a new game or watch a movie. It made you Nostalgic, right? Yup, that’s the best use of CDs those days. But, Nowadays no one uses those as storage devices, as pen drives and hard disks have replaced them. Undoubtedly, those are only trashed into the gutter.

Although you never know, someone’s trash is another one’s treasure. Sean Avery, an Australian artist born in South Africa, uses unused CDs and transforms them into beautiful Animal Sculptures.

He makes wire mesh frames and shape them into different animal creatures and then, glue the small pieces of CDs to give more glitter and shinning look. The man also uses hard drives in his art.

Have a look at his beautiful creations.1ed6b0dd-1c83-4a57-91ef-c61be6db6fcd 3e6f5491-6320-42b4-954c-9f2a41d38499 4a1a6bc8-b31d-4ce6-8c53-1fb8ae43e676 4d82caec-b7bc-4654-9ba3-94a95ec5081e 97dd026f-60cb-4d73-bb63-b1bf17efe837 96946f5a-057b-4467-b74a-722133f9c4a9 55918643-131b-41e8-baf0-e2a8abfa0079 bdf5f7cc-abf8-4990-923d-e9770936c4a1 c9ec079a-e22e-4e9b-8539-2fd2d4976c92 fa5c5edb-63e7-4571-98bc-af5145b5e520 fa719c92-51fd-43ef-8804-159067eb5c5b

Aren’t those so amazing? Yeah, I know you agree with me. We all know, the amount of e-waste has been increasing every day and what could be a better idea that this? It’s the right step towards recycling the waste materials.


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