Guide To Buying a Used Motorcycle?


 For everybody looking forward to buy a used motorcycle,  it is necessary that you gift yourself a happy buying experience. One must be sure that the product he purchases is worth the money and time spent.

used motorcycle

Here’s a quick guide to help buy better.

  • Know the specifications of the bike you are about to purchase.This would help you to know the performance, quality of the bike.
  • Make sure you are buying from a trusted dealer. A certified dealer means no or less chance of fraud.
  • Don’t get your hands on the very first one you find. Take a friend along with you for help.
  • Inspect the motorcycle carefully for any scratches or bends or any other damages. Also see if the bike is clean and straight. Ensure it hasn’t been used for racing.used motorcycle
  • Look for genuine paper works and documents. The market also has stolen goods to offer.
  • Ask questions to the seller and make yourself clear about the condition of the bike. Also take a test ride. It’s good to do so when the engine is cold. Don’t let the dealer pre-warm the bike as this will not give you the exact idea about the engine.
  • Check for each part separately; spokes, exhaust, wheels, suspension, head and tail lights etc.                                                      used motorcycle
  • Check any wear and tear of the seat material.
  • Acquire the service records if available.
  • While purchasing a used motorcycle, please don’t buy the used helmet that comes along with it.used motorcycle


Before you go to buy used bikes, it’s good to refer books and sources that explain details of used motorcycle  parts to get a better idea. And do not buy it unless you are perfectly sure about the quality. Do proper research about the prevailing price of the bike in the market, other models etc. A second hand motorcycle does not mean compromising on quality.


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