Gurmeet Choudhury and Debina will adopt two orphan girls!


Television celebrity couple, Gurmeet Choudhury and Debina Bonnerjee are going to become parents soon. According to the reports, they will adopt two girls, one aged six and another nine from Jarampur, Bihar. The couple will adopt, Pooja an orphan who stays with her uncle and her first cousin Lata from Jarampur, Gurmeet’s hometown.

The couple met the two young girls in 2014 when they went for a family wedding in Jarampur. Gurmeet’s mother, who was very close to the girls, felt that they would have to work in people’s home for domestic help to sustain themselves and approached Gurmeet for help.

“When heard about the plight of my mother, I discussed the issue with my wife Debina. She agreed with him, that it was the time to give the kids a home, a deserving education and my last name.”debina-gurmeet1

The couple was extremely happy after meeting the kids and keep updates about their lives through Gurmeet’s mother.

“It’s a two-day process. All the paperwork has been done. We are visiting Jarampur for final signatures after Holi. Everybody, including my parents, kept asking when we’re planning for a baby. Now, it’s an official announcement, I’m bringing home the two daughters and we’re too excited.”

Gurmeet and Debina wouldn’t uproot the girls at once as their family and friends advised them.

“Uprooting them instantly and bring to the city would be difficult for them to adjust to the busy city life. After one year, we shift them to Mumbai, that’s by 2018. My brother and my family live in Patna and they will take care of the children. Personally, I and Debina will visit Patna three-four times in the year. So, both the girls will study in Patna school and will be brought to Mumbai and exposure and better infrastructure.”

Gurmeet and Debina tied the knot in February 2011 in a private ceremony in Mumbai. The couple stated that they would also like to have their own children in the near future.debina-gurmeet

Meanwhile, filmmaker Karan Johar became a father of twins through surrogacy.That’s the one baby step towards progressive India.

The way the film industry and social media have reacted proves that adoption and surrogacy are something that should embrace with respect and acceptance.

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