This guy became Famous for Trolling People pictures with Photoshop!


There are people who crack jokes, but no one like James Fridman, who trolls people’s images using Photoshop. He trolls the pictures using his Photoshop magic stick and the public comes back for more. Narcissistic people are given the burn and yet, the man has 902k followers!

Keep scrolling for the reasons behind.

1. Your dream is fulfilled!0c7340b6-7c57-4de4-9ac6-b3547c1be17a

2. Savage!2e251ded-3040-42bc-a11a-199e4410d0d83. Have you noticed that Spiderman bag?3D695F3500000578-4239454-image-m-43_1487509733318

4. Pet dog in Buggati5f8a3c55-748a-47bd-9f8d-6a3cbcd9418d

5. Oops! We wish she would be grateful!9e1c4513-a0cd-461f-89de-35d24ac62b48

6. Finally, a man-made Giraffe!32D74B0E00000578-3523208-image-m-134_1459797302972

7. Hello Ma’am! Are you going good?322E857E00000578-3491698-image-m-50_1457970494733

8. Replaced!3595557D00000578-3656057-image-a-19_1466678133940

9. You got it, right?85084017

10. Simmer and saute for a minute.368e87d1-6d06-4d34-9a54-0fac66e4e4b3

11. Sweetheart, is that Teletubby in our room? bdbb9e20-cb51-465f-97fc-e0ad248ea1ab

12. Practically!fee72b5a-0394-4616-9e09-c8bba321b9f6

13. Ghosh! Where’s my waist?funny-photoshop-james-fridman-31-58204040b3419__880

14. Especially for you! funny-photoshop-requests-james-fridman-7

15. The Gigantism hormone!this_photoshop_master_knows_how_to_troll_his_victims_640_01

16. Oops! Sorry Dad.troll-dadGood going bro!







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