Hair Myths and Secrets REVEALED


We had a conversation with an experienced hair stylist and he has spilled some secrets and get some myths busted about hair care and styling. Let’s check this out:

What misconceptions do you often hear about what damages hair and what keeps it healthy?

Usually people feel that not washing their hair is good for their hair. But if you style your hair a lot or you live in the city, you definitely need to keep your hair clean. After all, it is better for your hair and scalp and it also allows your hair to have the iconic- bounce, shine and touchability. These things come only when the hair is properly taken care of.

 If you regularly use heat tools, what can you do to limit damage to your hair?

Well, in the first place itself, excess heat is bad for your hair. So, make sure that the tools you use are safe and they offer you wicker dry time. It’s always good to look for ceramic, infrared and ionic tools which take a shorter time for heating, eventually, giving you much healthier hair.

How much important is it to condition your hair?

Well. Conditioning is actually the key. If there is one thing that you must do even if you are past 40 that is conditioning. Menopausal hair is more dehydrated as compared to hair in your 30’s. So, it is essential for you to moisturize it, inside out. Condition your hair properly and also eat plenty of good food and drink lots of water. Make sure you watch your caffeine intake. Our hair is the barometer of our health and if we are not healthy from inside, they will be dull and lifeless on the outside.


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