Happiness hacks: The 6 unexpected ways to be happy!


Life is complicated these days. In this world,  we are only pursuing in search of happiness. If being happy were so easy, then the whole world wouldn’t search for it.

While happiness is controlled by our genes, there are lots of things you can do to make yourself happier. Below, are some unexpected ways to be happy.

  • Get adequate amounts of sleep

Most of us spend our one- third of the time, sleeping. The research found that people who take an afternoon nap are more responsive to positive ones. Moreover, sleep- boost can bring emotional advantage. An adequate amount of sleep will make a person happier & stronger. Make sure to sleep at least 6-8 hours per day.

  • Less usage of cell phone

In a survey, it is said that more usage of cell phone leads to higher anxiety & reduces happiness. Excessive use of best technologies can reduce your happiness . Put down your cell phone to be happier as before.

  • Spend more outdoors

Spending time outdoors, not only boosts to become happy but also helps to improve the thinking power & increases self- esteem. Daily, a 20-minutes walk in a good weather can create wonders! In fact, people are found to be happier in the outdoors rather inside the mansion.

  • Keep your cheerful friends close

It is heard that happiness becomes doubled in groups rather in singles. The more happy friends you add in your life, more happiness comes your way. It does not really mean that happiness can come only from friends, it can be neighbors, siblings too.

  • Always hope for the best

Optimism is the key to happiness. One can develop to be an optimist by learning optimism. Learned optimism is a talent that is cultivated to challenge in a self-talk. Always think that you can do it. All people run through their saddest times. It’s hard to stay optimistic all the time.

The point to be remembered- every dark night will end & the happiness of sun will surely rise.

  • Take microbreaks

In this busy world, take out time for breaks. Whether it’s chatting with friends or watching funny videos only. Taking microbreaks helps you to improve your mental health. Moreover, this is an easy way to throw the bad mood out in minutes plus, boosts your metabolism too!




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