Heavy rains in Andaman strands 800 people, Indian navy dispatches 4 ships for evacuation


Indian navy came into action in order to rescue 800 tourists as they have been blocked in the Andaman Islands. In total, four ships on Wednesday were sent to the Havelock port of Andaman & Nicobar Island as the weather turned rough due to heavy rainfall. Because of the stormy winds, there is no connectivity is the area.

Merely, because these stormy winds & heavy rainfall, the operation has been stopped. From the past few days, a group of islands was severely affected.

Smaller ships will pick up the tourists from the jetty and transfer them to the larger ship that is present in the anchorage.

All the ships were departed at around 3:15 am from Port Blair & have reached Havelock to get the tourist back to Port Blair. Their main objective is the safety of tourists.

It was set-up from the reports that- almost from 2-3 days the tourists were running out of money & deficiency of food.

Port Blair is having a better connectivity than any other islands. Moreover, it is the capital of Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

Nevertheless, the ships take nearly 4 hours from Havelock port to Port Blair. Now, the state of roughness & heavy rains will be the key factors to decide how fast they would reach!

Thousands of tourists travel these amazing islands every year. October- March is considered to be the best time for visiting the islands.




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