Islam; Love Jihad- Lady Forced To Eat Beef


The lady was forced by her husband to eat beef. She was married to a Muslim guy, Asif of Phulwari Sharif in Patna and has said that her husband has constrained her to live in a Madarsa for a month to make her learn Islam.

The Patna Police captured Asif and one more person after the lady has filed the complaint saying that her husband and his relatives constrained her to adopt Islam and has made her eat beef. Further, she blamed Asif and his relatives for extorting her to make a porn video of her.hindu lady

Rakhi (name changed) was blown away by Asif Iqbal’s looks when she first saw his photographs on Facebook. Telephone numbers were exchanged and the two began conversing with each other over mobile for a considerably long time and soon he started persuading her to come over to Patna. Rakhi denied initially but agreed after the continuous requests and when Asif proposed her for the marriage.

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Asif took Rakhi to Patna and made her stay at an inn in the Mithapur area. He offered her soda mixed with sedatives. Asif then assaulted her and made an MMS of the whole. Soon Rakhi was in Kolkata and was blackmailed by Asif every now and then, but couldn’t accumulate the bravery to report the matter either to the police or her family.Islam

Following a couple days, Asif called Rakhi and guaranteed to wed her and requesting that she come to Patna once more. She was sexually harassed once more. Rakhi insisted Asif to marry her yet he didn’t. Nonetheless, following a couple days, Asif made her meet his parents. They requested Rakhi to acknowledge Islam and took her to a madarsa for transformation. Regardless of her accepting Islam, they kept on tormenting her.

Rakhi was excessively traumatized, making it impossible to report her story. She called her mom to Patna from Kolkata. She made her mother meet the parents of Asif, but they manhandled her and showed her out.

At last, Rakhi and her mom tried approaching the police. A case was enrolled in the Phulwarisharif ladies’ police headquarters. Acting quickly, the police captured two men named Rizwi Hassan and Faizal for the situation.



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