I’m A Tall Girl, All I can Do is To Be A Model or look for Miniature Boyfriend


I would probably, can make much money to get myself a tall robot to date. Like, no seriously, where are all the tall guys?

Well, guys stop wondering, I am 5’9’’. Yes, that’s five feet and nine inches.

Now, let me answer few more of your curious questions

If I wanted to be model, surely I will go for that. Thank You for your concern.

Like, Seriously, I can’t give my height to anyone. So, kindly stop embarrassing me.

Everyone thinks being a person in tall height is great. Years passed by, when I used to fit comfortably in the frame, but now, it’s like a dream.

Being a tall one- especially in a country where, the average height of females is considered not more than 5’5’’- can be a daunting task.

From not fitting in Haryana buses to finding a partner as tall as yours, welcome to the world of tall people where…

Jeans becomes Capris and shorts literally becomes underwearsummer-shorts-style-for-tall-girls

Trying to wash your hair, when shower head is shorter than youbuzzfeed_14-problems-only-tall-girls-understand

Those awkward knees bend to fit in photoswhere_are_the_tall_women_296_by_zaratustraelsabio-da6wdjo

Feeling as if you always need to wear flats. No heels!flat-shoes

Low ceilingstall_girl_problems_clxxv_she_is_6ft4_194cm_tall_by_zaratustraelsabio-d9ykf4w

Getting your head cut off the picturesimages

Being judged for wearing heelswearing-heels

The struggle to find out the Tinder dude’s height before swiping is much more painful522689423

The hug becomes awkward. Imagine, someone touching your boobstall_girl_problems_lix_by_zaratustraelsabio-d8ofj39

People won’t just stop asking, if you play Basket Balltallsports

Trying to look in mirrors566ef31b68219

No one goes around telling about short people, but, Why for the alternative? Literally, it’s NOT FAIR.









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