What are the important lessons in life that only a girlfriend can teach you?


Here are some of the life lessons that the only girlfriend can teach you.

How to waste your study time! (By texting and chatting for hours with her).
How to talk in that sweet, sugar coated language. And your friends be like- “Bhai yeh kon c bhasha bol raha hai?”(“Bro, which language are you talking in?”)
That looks and money matter more than love.
The power of heartbreak.
That you can get dumped anytime if someone better walks in. (So, it’s better to focus on yourself first.)
That no woman can love you more than your mom. (You’ll understand this the day she flies off with that handsome hunk.)
How to cry yourself to sleep! (Because of those useless fights with her.)
That million shades of pink exist.
You’re valued till your pockets are strong.
How to get over depression! (Trust me, she is the best person who can teach you this.)
Not all of them are the same. But mostly, young ones do this.

Had it been a sensible one, she can teach you how emotions and money are valued, and things are prioritized. The care, the respect, the maturity how to deal with things. But, it’s hard to get one like this.

Invest in long term plannings else you’ll end up learning the above points.

They’ll teach you how important it is to prioritize yourself first.



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