India post to launch coffee flavored stamps!


Are you a great lover of coffee? Do you love them eating, sipping every time that is coffee flavored. So, this story is for you!

On Thursday, Commerce Minister Nirmala Sitharaman shared a piece of information that India Post Office will is coming with coffee flavored stamps. Yes, you heard it right. She even disclosed that the coffee flavored stamps would be released on April 23.

The Commerce Minister is in Bengaluru where she has launched the website for the coffee plantation community.

Moreover, she will also be commencing work on adopted lake at Kalena Agrahara Lake. And, there will be distributing soil health card to coffee growers.

Manoj Sinha, the Telecom Minister will be releasing the stamp which will be a collector’s version. The stamp will be priced at Rs 100.

Earlier in the day, she stressed on the need of branding Indian Coffee and said that the Coffee board now has been on its toes in this regard. She mentioned that branding is now one way of ensuring that the market is going to be sustained.

However, this is not the first time that Sitharaman has shared unique information on the Twitter. Last month the minister tweeted a photo of a ‘mud’ bottle which will be sent down the memory lane. “It’s great for summer. Eco-friendly, light in weight to carry and too classy.” That’s what she tweeted. The ‘mud’ bottle is made by ‘Mitti Cool’.

Mitti Cool Water bottle is hand made by a special mixture of clay which results in natural self-cooling of water. “It’s self-cooling, easy to clean and refill too. Clay adds a unique flavor to the water. The clay used in the Mitti Cool water bottle in 100% natural.” It’s easily available online which costs only Rs 400.

It was time to rejuvenate the whole landscape in the country.


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