How Indian doctors and private hospitals loot patients?


Most of the Indians believe in God, if something goes wrong. Indians also consider doctors as next to God, if not God. We still have many doctors with impeccable ethical records. However, there are many doctors who are not so ethical, and they don’t think twice before taking patients for a ride.

What happens in private hospitals is that, they make fake reports. Patients when visits expensive hospitals, they are assured of the fact that they will be treated well. Doctors give high dose of medicines to the patients which are absolutely not mandatory. Sometimes, doctors even force to conduct the tests again, which are already conducted by the third parties or by outside labs. These tests are again conducted in the preferred labs and fake reports are produced.

Here are some of the common tactics followed by the Indian doctors to cheat innocent patients with their hard earned money.

  1. 1. Prescribing more tests than necessary

Doctors prescribe that tests are to be done at preferred labs only. Sometimes, these tests are not even conducted on the samples taken and fake results are provided. It equally means as the sink tests.

  1. 2. Keeping you admitted at the hospital rooms until you’re fit to be discharged

Most of the doctors attempt this trick; in order to grasp more money from the patients.

  1. Prescribing expensive medicines

Often, many such prescribed medicines are available at cheaper prices in the chemist shops. But, the expensive ones are only available at their prescribed shops, so that they collect a good chucks of notes. Later, which proves to be unnecessary.

  1. Charging for the same treatment at different rates

Top private hospitals charge patients according to their rooms. Even though, each one of them selects the same operation to be operated by the same doctors in the same operation theatre. Charges vary accordingly the rooms, either it’s a normal ward or a VIP one!

  1. Fake operations

Most of the doctors fool their patients in the name of fake operations. A doctor can assess that you can be made to pay. He will ask you for urgent operation when you don’t really need it. He will convince you by taking your test and will admit you by only giving an anesthesia.

  1. Gynecologists at private hospitals are well-known to force pregnant women to go for C-section which pays better than normal deliveries.


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