Indians Opened a Baby Spa in Australia. The pictures are Awesome.


A long day of sleeping, crying, eating, entertaining and being cute is a tough job. Being a baby isn’t an easy one! Everyone pulling your cheeks, cuddling you at the bottom and making weird noises, the effort is to only make you LAUGH.

Like teenagers and adults, Babies also require having a Baby Spa to feel rejuvenated!

Baby Spa Perth is the most exclusive spa parlor in Australia and probably the first one; ONLY for babies.

Kavita Kumar and her sister Anita Yap are the proud co-founders/owners of this Baby Spa paradise!

After a lot of hard work, babies also need pampering and massage. Right?

At the Spa, babies can float and kick around the water according to their delight.

Moreover, the Spa had even organized a separate floating device where babies can swim safely.

Additionally, the Baby Spa also creates a great bonding between the parents and their cute and lovely ones!

Can you see that, how fresh and relaxed; the baby look?

It’s a great place for the babies to have a much-needed sleep as well.

In fact, a great place for meeting with other babies and making new friends

We think there should be a Baby Spa everywhere in every Country. What’s say?

I mean, who would say a No! It’s such a great stress-buster!

Let’s spin for a Spa for babies!


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