Inspite Of The Ban, Delhiites Burn Crackers, Taking Pollution To The Next Level


In spite of the Ban by Supreme Court on the purchasing and burning of crackers in the NCR region, Delhiites have shown that they do not consider law above their ego as even after the ban, people made use of loopholes to buy and burn crackers.

The result was as expected, pollution levels have broken records. The levels of Particulate Matter (PM) is at 15 times the permissible limits.

PM 10 Allowed- 100     Actual- 985

PM 2.5 allowed- 60     Actual-355


Punjabi Bagh PM 10 level- 1514

What are we up to? Can’t we care for even our life, forget others! Don’t we have this much sense to at least refrain from feeding our ego at the stake of lives of people, including our own? Shame on those who were struggling to feed their ego and are the culprits behind this non-breathable air! Shame on You Educated Illiterates! SHAME


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