Interesting revelations about Shahrukh Khan by ex-employee

The lives of Bollywood stars are always spicy. There is something or the other interesting to know about. Sometimes the revelations are so shocking that fans either hate them to the core or start loving them unconditionally.
An anonymous person who got a chance to work at Shahrukh Khan’s home office for a year made some interesting revelations about him at Quora that might leave the common man got awestruck.
The person says that he has a separate department for charities which handles all the charitable work and makes sure no delay occurs in the proceedings. The best part of the team is that they don’t have a PR manager through which there can be a chance of the activities being revealed to the media.
She mentions about his appraisable gentleman nature. Being a superstar, he still opens the door for his female employees and let them pass first. Unlike other stars, he waves at his desperately waiting fans outside his house every morning while leaving in his car.
He is a complete family man and never allows his employees to make any changes to his family time until and unless it is that necessary. While spending time with his children, no employee was allowed to directly contact him regarding anything related to work.
The person reveals that being a Delhi-ite, he is a foodie and even shared the famousSita Ram Diwan Chand ke Chhole Bhature” which she had brought from Delhi while her return to Mumbai. He often shared Delhi-reference jokes with her as she was the only employee from Delhi.

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Accidently when the writer ran her pen over his 11-lacs worth Jacket, instead of scolding her, he showed his humble nature by giving her a side hug, played casually with her hair and just asked her to be more careful in future.
The writer does away with the rumor of him being an aggressive person by saying,”  Maybe it’s a Delhi thing. We are very passionate & expressive of our emotions, be it love or anger, but that hardly ever manifests to hate. We just say “Tu bahar mil, BC”. No one ever actually goes out & fights. Maybe that Delhi ka ‘tora’ still lingers in him, & maybe his non-Delhi colleagues & media personnel misunderstand that.”
Unlike other stars, Shahrukh Khan is a person who is well aware of what is happening in and around the world. Every morning he goes through 3 sets of 3 different newspapers which are kept for him at office, car and his study. While traveling also, he is seen constantly updating his tab. He is also an e-book reader mostly going through biographies and poetries.
She reveals that Shahrukh Khan is way wittier in real than reel life and would surely be a stand-up comedian if he were not an actor now. He is a hardworking person who stays upright most of the time despite his busy schedule. He actively takes part in all the decisions made regarding his business.
She also revealed his untimely nature which is well known to the people .Whatever time he might start the day, he is always 2 hours late in everything. The reason behind this is not that he is resting or taking a short nap, it is because he is completely engrossed with work, continuously shifting from one work to another for which a day isn’t enough to execute them.

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Achieving such great heights of stardom, he hasn’t left his friends behind. His childhood friends are treated as his family members and some of them hold high positions in his Red Chillies production house or he himself is an investor in their businesses.
She concludes saying that Shahrukh Khan is the best boss she has worked with till now who never forgets to show love towards his employees’ uncountable number of times by providing them expensive gifts and helping them in every way possible.



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