Identity Crisis: Is Irom Sharmila An INDIAN?

Under provisions of Indian Constitution, only an Indian citizen can contest either Parliamentary or Assembly Elections. However, Irom Sharmila has no documents to prove her citizenship. She doesn’t have a PAN card, voter identity card or a bank account.

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The 44-year-old broke her 16-year fast earlier this month and plans to fight the elections to continue her campaign to get ASFPA removed. She maybe one of the most iconic activists in the world but back home, but to the bureaucracy, her name doesn’t even exist on paper.irom sharmila  identity crisis indian  Trending:Worst Things You Do Every Morning!
“…I plan to attend a mass anti-AFSPA campaign in Delhi…I planning to stay in an ashram for some time and then few days in Ukhrul (Manipur) for the public campaign,” Sharmila told reporters after appearing before a chief judicial magistrate (CJM) in Imphal in a case of attempted suicide slapped on her during her marathon fast.
On Tuesday, Irom Sharmila expressed a desire to apply for an “identity card” and other necessary documents that will also help her travel outside the state.
As per a report that her friends have begun the paperwork to get her all the necessary documents that can prove her an Indian citizen and let her contest the polls.

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One of the Sharmila’s friend said in a report that her campaign needs to be crowd-funded. And for that, she needs a PAN card and a bank account while it is unimaginable for anyone without a voter ID to be a representative of people.
Irom Sharmila, often called the Iron Lady of Manipur, went on a fast in November 2000 against the “draconian” Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act that ensured army personnel didn’t face trial for alleged atrocities against the local population. Her long fast won her worldwide acclaim and a huge following back home.


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