#Justice For Jisha’ Taken To The Streets



Following the inhumane murder of Jisha, a 30 year old Dalit law student, concerned Indians had took to streets and social medias a fight to win justice for the deceased. All of the strikes and acts to fuel the case , to get the culprit arrested , has all went down the drain. This has brought the Kerala Dalit Co-operation Movement to announce a 12 hour, dusk to dawn hartal today to show their protest against the delay in arresting the accused.


Tragedy strikes again.

On April 26th Jisha was attacked at a her home in Perumbavoor, Kerala-in a similar manner like that of the Delhi gang rape, except this took place in a situation which otherwise would be considered safe. With almost 38 injuries all over her body, iron rod struck in her genitals pulling out her intestine and sticking her rectum to the uterus she laid raped and murdered in her house until found by her mother.

Three years after the 2012 Delhi gang rape India has sadly found one more “India’s daughter”. Just when women began to feel safe again, they realise it was a mere dream to be safe. A few claimed that Jyothi Singh would have never had the ill fate if she hadn’t chosen to stay out late at night. Well, what would they claim Jisha did wrong? She was raped and brutally murdered at her own home in daylight. So clearly the time or place is no factor to . And definitely don’t dare pointing your fingers at tight revealing clothes, not this time. Then is it the age? Definitely not that. Because you have seen it, a newborn to a 72 year old, none where spared. The situation is so that women are unable to feel safe even in the most safe environment.
Reeking attitude of the society.


Even after all these , there has absolutely been no change in the attitude or mind set of the society. Few of the parties were seen to take advantage of the situation to gain votes, media also fed on the heart wrenching news. Well, there’s so much more you need to do here before the same fate strikes another innocent girl. You are still blamed if a man feeds on you with his dirty mind. You are blamed for every disgusting eyes that are cast on you, every dirty commend passed on you, every groping hand that comes onto you. This needs change and as Gandhi said you need to be the change you wish to see. Fight back. Do not remain silent. Do not expect anyone to stand for you, this is a selfish world.

It’s high time we started preaching men to be “men”. Instead of asking a girl to stay home so that she remains safe, ask the men to be her shield. It is the duty of you, men, to give her the safety and protection she needs. She is your responsibility as well.


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