Interview With The Girl Who Chopped Her Hair 14 Inches For Cancer Patients!

Kamakshi, a young at heart girl did something that would put most of us in a dilemma. To be blessed with long, thick hair is every girl’s dream but Kamakshi was a special one to have them. However one fine day she chopped her hair 14 inches. The cause will shock you and make you feel proud of her. Let’s dig in on the conversation that we had with her.
An Interview With Kamakshi Bhan
1. How did you get to know about hair donation?
I don’t know. I was thinking about just trimming my hairs. It was a sudden thought in my mind and I googled to know more about it. I found Madat Trust Cope with Cancer which is associated with Tata Memorial Cancer hospital who makes wigs for cancer patients. The minimum requirement is 12 inches to make a wig so I decided to chop my long hairs for it.
2. Didn’t you feel that growing hair again would be really tough as You chopped 14 inches?
  Honestly yes, I was little scared. But then no I don’t feel it would be really difficult or tough to grow hair back because I am young and growing why won’t my hair grow back? Anyway, I always had long hairs so this new look will get to stay a little longer if they didn’t grow early.
hair donation kamakshi
3. What was your family’s reaction to your decision?
My mother didn’t want me to cut them because she was worried about them growing back again but then she realized that I’m not going to change my decision. Also, my parents like many other people did not know about hair donation but later everyone in my family was like proud and happy of it. My mother is helping me in spreading words about hair donation to other women.

The Message To Other Girls 

4. What message would you like to deliver to other girls?
My message is very simple: Please do not fear of cutting your long hairs because they are going to grow back sooner or later but think about those needy cancer patients who already suffer because of their poor health and plus the baldness which comes along their chemo treatments. They are not privileged enough, in fact, they lose what they have. So if by donating something which is going to grow back and you can help someone then why not? It is not really tough! You are going to do a great deed.
Apni khet ki muli hai, remember?
Kamakshi is also very creative and has her own page on Facebook “I believe in Love and Not in Lovers” which she has been managing since years. Kudos To The Girl!


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