Kangana Ranaut about Nepotism: It’s not objection rather observation!


It was Kangana Ranaut who started about Nepotism in the film Industry. But, the actress said her remark on Karan Johar’s chat show was only an observation. She didn’t mean to disrespect the star kids who enter Bollywood.

However, the actor said that she is not on a mission against the star kids as everyone came up her to make good cinema. “If you’re talking about Nepotism, then it’s just an observation and not an objection. Being an individual, it’s my prerogative to leave the footsteps behind for who will follow me. It’s very important for the ones to know where I fell, walked, stayed and ran. So, we should work for it and not to waste time by pointing fingers on others and make it sound like a fight to make the society even more democratic for everyone,” said Kangana.

The 30-year-old actress said that the industry has been more welcoming towards the outsiders and for this, the same credit goes to the artists that come from an unconventional background and come it to make in Bollywood. “We are all working to make cinema. What’s an outsider? Anyone with different intention comes to the industry is an outsider. So, I don’t consider myself as an outsider. Whosoever comes from an unconventional background, they need work towards it before you speak like, ‘Oh really, but we are lucky ones that were not discriminated and the industry has accepted us with open arms’,” said the Rangoon actress.

Kangana said that the industry has a democratic environment today and most actors openly choose to ‘talk in Hindi, they can’t speak English’ and still they aren’t treated differently. The fact that today in the industry we have more democratic environment because they have people like us who have been working in it. I see the newcomers saying, ‘I can’t talk in English. I will only talk in Hindi.’ We are going to make the outsiders feel and super cool.


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