Kapil Sharma physically assaulted Sunil Grover in a flight!


It’s only been some few hours about the news of Kapil Sharma making his love for Ginni Chatrath official on Twitter, another news broke the social media when it was found that Kapil had allegedly assaulted one of his good old friend, Sunil Grover; he is also one of the main cast members of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’.

As per the reports, Kapil who had recently been to Melbourne, Australia was accompanied by Sunil Grover. Kapil had a lot to drink on the flight while coming back home, he hit and abused Grover who was also on the same flight. This disturbing behavior wasn’t taken well by the co-passengers, naturally; so they requested for an emergency landing due to Kapil Sharma’s behavior. The comedian’s staff calmed him but Grover was scared by this abused hurdle at him.

Initially, Grover kept quiet but then even he retaliated. The two got hitting each other in the aisle section and traumatized the fellow passengers. Even, Kapil called Sunil Grover as a flop actor and a servant. Sunil even apologized for the drunken behavior of his friend.sunil-grover-kapil-sharma-759

Now, this was really bad. Isn’t it? Naturally, Sunil got much humiliated and want to quit the show. Not only this, he even ‘unfollow’ Kapil on Twitter.

Bollywood Life called up Sunil Grover and he just replied in two words, “No comments”. There are zillions of fans who love ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ solely because of Sunil Grover and this is, of course, disheartening the public. A couple of months ago, a story floated as to how Kapil refused to promote Sunil Grover’s Coffee with D on his show. When asked Sunil, he clarified by listing the controversy how it couldn’t materialize. While friends would forget about his ‘drunken misbehavior’, but fans wouldn’t do.



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