Kareena Kapoor Opens Up About her Pregnancy


Actress Kareena Kapoor Khan’s vacation with husband Saif Ali Khan in London was all over the social media. Ever since the couple had returned, the media has been spreading rumors of Kareena being ‘3 and a half’ months pregnant. The rumors spread that the couple was in the British nation for Nawabi daughter-in-law to relax in the wake of a looming motherhood.Kareena kapoor pregnant Putting an end to all the claims, Kareena Kapoor, on Thursday told the media that she has always been open about her personal life on the media and would let the world know if the stork comes visiting. When questions were asked regarding her rumors that are being speculated, she said, “ God willing hopefully. I am a woman. But right now there is nothing to say about it.”

Reports also claimed that the couple was seen at a prenatal baby clinic in central London.But certainly, as the actress confirms it herself it was all just another rumor knitted by the media’s thirst for publicity.

Kareena went on and cleverly remarked, “The fact that you are all talking about it is making me super excited. I gave five children in London.”nGwp0D3c

Earlier, Randhir Kapoor, the actress’s dad while responding to such a query seemed to be unaware of the actress being pregnant.” Well, they haven’t told me yet, so I have no clue, but I hope it’s true. It’s high time they had a baby.” Looks like, just like the fans, he too hoped for the news to be true.

Last year in an interview, Kareena expressed her views on having a child. ” I am not ready. And you know me. Until I am ready. I won’t do anything. Two years from now, I ‘ll be a mom,” said the actress. She also added,” I will definitely have my own children. I have always done what I wanted to. I wanted to be a star actor, then I wanted to get married, have a home. I ‘ll be a mother. And I ‘ll continue to act.”

Hope the actress soon gets what she wishes for.


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