Keep mosquitoes away by watching TV!


The South Korean company, LG has been the most popular in the electronics world. It has been producing products ranging from smartphones to refrigerators and cameras to TVs. It has now taken a unique step by making its devices mosquitoes repellent.

The company has launched a TV using this technology which is first of its kind, in India. The product is named as Mosquito Away and is priced at Rs 26, 990. The TV is designed as a slim frame with a large screen which can be mounted on the wall or attached to a stand.



It includes features as 32-inch HD display with a resolution of 1366-768 pixels. All its ports are at the back and have a normal remote control with the necessary controls. You can adjust the TV location with the flexible mount.


The Mosquito repellent technology works through a small device accompanied with the TV. It can be connected to the TV’s back panel which starts working as soon as you activate it from its settings. The device drives away the mosquitoes by emitting ultrasonic sound waves.


The repellent device is odour-free and non-hazardous as it uses no harmful chemicals. TV’s appearance is quite attractive with good viewing angles and accurate amount of colour use. It has been incorporated with blur-free technology which delivers crystal clear pictures even for fast moving objects.


It produces 20W Dolby Digital sound which is efficient even for movies played through USB devices. To attract more customers, this TV has been loaded with pre-installed games which can b played using the remote control. The TV also has two special modes of Bollywood and Cricket.


This TV supports 10 regional languages out of which the user can select their preferred language from the settings. The Smart Energy Saving feature helps in conserving power. LG Mosquito Away is worth buying and is cost effective.


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