KRK Strikes Again,This Time Aiming For The ‘Befikre’ Cast


KRK. The very non-talented, much unwanted and amazingly irritating ‘Deshdrohi’ actor is too fond of passing lewd comments and peaking his nose in other’s business. This time KRK chose to tweet about the very first look of the much awaited movie ‘Befikre’. Obviously he can’t handle anyone in the limelight. But this time too he crosses the limits with absurd comments on the actor, Ranveer Singh. His tweet reads,


“Bhai ji @RanveerOfficial did you get laid while shooting for this”

People started banging twitter with tweets against the infamous one for his dirty minded commend. But he does not seem to learn from his mistakes. After this tweet he targetted Karisma Tanna, the television actress commenting on her rumoured break up with boyfriend Upen Patel. This time the comment were bearable but his filthy mind was brought out again with his choice of picture he posted of the actress.KRK 1

KRK has always been keen to steal himself some limelight bashing and insulting stars. This has definitely earned him a lot of haters, especially on social media. Twitter always witnessed not so entertained tweets from the not so celebrated celebrity. From Big B and Rajnikanth to SRK and lot others have been victim of KRK’s filthy comments. But our stars cannot be brought down by someone like KRK.

This attention seeker who claims other’s to be “2 Rs people” needs to know what he is worth at first.  Taj Mahal Under the Attack Of an Insect!


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