Ladies, go ahead with your sexiest look to work!

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Ladies, don’t hesitate to put your sexy, body-hugging clothes to work anymore!

According to a study, it says, wearing short skirts, tight-fitting dress or low-cut tops will not only make you look attractive and slimmer, but also will make you more intelligent and faithful.

According to researchers, wearing short skirts, low cuts top will help you look more faithful towards work. Ladies who wore short skirts were taken way too seriously.

From the University of Bedfordshire in Lunton, UK, Dr. Alfredo Gaitan; gathered 64 students with an average age of 21 and showed them the images of women with two different outfits.

In the first, the woman had worn a low-cut top, mini-skirt and a jacket. On the other hand, in another picture, she wore a long skirt and a top that covered almost all the skin.

Then the participants were asked to rank those two women in terms of job status, faithfulness, personality, morality and willingness to have sex and faithfulness; says the reports.

Contrary to previous studies which claim to reveal that women who worn short dresses appear less intelligent, the results found that ladies with sexualized clothing results in higher level of intelligence and faithful rights.

“Attitudes have changed so much that, people stopped making judgments negatively. No doubt, there are still negative people outside, but perhaps people are seeing the sexy look more positively,” said Gaitan.



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