Lenovo to dump its own brand name for smartphone production


Lenovo to start smartphone production under Motorola flagship:


The Chinese giant Lenovo is rumored to dump its own brand name for smartphone production. As per the news floating in the markets, Lenovo will stop using the brand name on their mobile phones. Instead, they will be using the brand name of the Motorola flagship which they had purchased from Google. Lenovo acquired Motorola from Google in a $2.9 billion deal.

As per the reports, Lenovo will make Lenovo P2 as the last smartphone under their brand name. Post that the company will shift entirely to the Moto flagship. This has meant that Lenovo couldn’t survive in this tough competitive market. Motorola which lead the mobile phone market at one point of time can be expected to revive soon by the Chinese giant Lenovo. This would mean a greater sale for Lenovo as an average user would like to associate with Motorola rather than with Lenovo for a smartphone.




At one point of time, Lenovo was in a bid to own the Blackberry flagship too but the owners at Blackberry ruled them out. Lenovo wasn’t preferred as it is a Chinese brand. The owners at Blackberry thought that association with a Chinese brand may harm their goodwill. Now that Lenovo has acquired the prized Motorola flagship from Google it will be worthwhile how it uses it.

Rumor mongers have spread the word in China in this regard. The authorities of Lenovo have not yet given any confirmation regarding this. Motorola officials too haven’t given their word regarding this. The rumors can’t be trusted fully by now. Further with these changes, Lenovo could dedicate more efforts in revolutionizing the desktop computers. Things will be clearer on 8th November 2016 when Lenovo will release Lenovo p2 and its Moto M in China. The whole world will be looking forward towards this event with eager eyes. Let’s wait till then for an official announcement from Lenovo.


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