All Your Life, Summed Up In These Life Lessons



    • Unconditional Love – Only your parents can love you unconditionally. No matter how you are treated by your parents, they won’t ever do bad to you. Forget about doing bad, that thought also can’t come in their mind. That doesn’t mean others can’t love you. But others will love you for a reason and the love of others will eventually subside!
    • Trust – The only people you can trust in today’s world are you and your parents. Accept what others have to say if they sound logical, but don’t trust them. Blood relations are everything and other relations are illusional and don’t last long. I learned it the hard way!
    • Relationships – They either subside or die a brutal death because of the ego between two people.
    • One Hand Distance – Remember the one hand distance thing that they taught you in school. Maintain the one hand distance rule in your professional relationships too. Never mix professional and personal lives!
    • Failures – Success is overrated, Failures are underrated. Failures teach you what success can never. You grow out of your failures. One day all your failures will converge to give you success, because you will have learned from all your failures and have left no chance for a failure
    • Hope – Hope is a good thing to have. But consider all the possibilities and be realistic as life isn’t a Bollywood movie for miracles to happen!
    • Smartness – If you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room.
    • Environment – You can’t change people or external situations. But you can change yourself and decide how to react to external situations.
    • Solitude – It’s not everyone’s cup of tea and needs time and practice. But if you can enjoy your own company, travel alone, pursue your hobbies alone, take yourself for a treat, movies…you will be the most peaceful person on this planet. Sometimes, solitude is very much needed to get out of this delusional world. Read about the things you can do when you are alone



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