Love Snapchat? Check These New Features


Following the footsteps of Facebook, Snapchat has begun giving users the option of storing images as “Memories” they can look back on or share. Snapchat described this feature as a personal collection of favorite memories above the Smartphone memory.

The California-based company in its blog post said that the users can use Memories to create new Stories from Snaps already  taken, or even combine different Stories to make another new narrative story.

The company in its announcement said, ”We’ll be rolling out Memories selectively over the next month or so — it’s a big change for our service so we want to make sure everything is running smoothly.”

Snapchat stories are slideshows of photos and videos that can be viewed by all of a user’s friends until they’re deleted 24 hours after being posted. Until now, photos and videos had to be added to a story immediately after they were recorded. But with Memories, that will no longer be the case.
Snapchat has recently surpassed Twitter in terms of daily users. The company has taken such a risky step where advertising plays a major role. The company is for the first time beginning to show users ads in between their friends’ stories. Allowing Snapchat users to make stories with older footage could result in more stories, which in turn means more room for ads.snapchat update new feautres snapchat

Snapchat also added a “My Eyes Only” tag for selected saved snaps to avoid accidentally showing friends pictures not meant to be seen by others, according to the startup. This move will bring the company closer to competing with photo services run by Facebook or Google, which have long let people look back on images captured in the past.

Snapchat estimates it has more than 100 million users globally of the service for sending videos, images and text messages which vanish after being viewed. Some reports say it generates 10 billion video views per day.



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